Chinese TV stick

Chinese TV in Canada.

The latest Canadian census gave the Chinese language as the 3rd
language spoken in Canada after English and French.
British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta are the 3 provinces with the largest
Chinese populations in Canada.
The original immigrants are from Southern China and Hong Kong
The newest Chinese speaking immigrants are from the entire Peoples Republic of China (PRC) and Taiwan, with others from Malaysia and Indonesia.

Creating over the last decade a demand for Chinese TV in Canada.
The following companies are involved in this Chinese TV marketplace
Fairchild TV founded in 1993 headquartered in Vancouver offers a range of Asia and live broadcasting to the Chinese speaking community.
Rogers Corporation as a major Internet and Cable tv provider in Canada also have a subscription service of 8 Chinese channels.

LS Times TV (Long Shong) has a 24 hour Chinese TV channel featuring Hong Kong and Taiwan programming. It is available through Rogers and Shaw cable divisions.

CCTV have now available a North American version of CCTV4, CCTV9 and CCTV news. These CCTV channels have been offered by Dish Network and various Canadian Cable companies.

Chinese TV on the internet. A number of official and unofficial websites in China are connectable from Canada on the web, including PPTV, SopCast and others. The distance between China and Canada causes some buffering problems and the TV streams are not always available.

54 chinese channels The market leader for Chinese subscription TV services in Canada is Kylin TV.
The majority of its services are via their own brand SetTop boxes offering 50+ Chinese channels.
Kylin has recently introduced a computer version of their service for laptop and tablet users.

IPTV - Internet Protocol Television is widely available in China with some 25 companies serving the giant "TV over the internet" domestic market.
Many of these are restricted to work only in China mainland, Hong Kong and Macau.

Chinese TV online is now a reality as a major IPTV company in China has licenced their system to a European technology company Travelnet for worldwide use.
They are making 200 Chinese channels available to the world with emphasis on Canada, USA and Europe based customers.
The problem connectivity is solved by the use of unique technology in a USB TV Stick.